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Unreturned love… Wonderfully explained

Posted on August 28, 2009 in: Reading & Spirituality

Unreturned love… Many of us have either experienced the feeling, or will in the future. Not to sound negative or anything, but sometimes it takes longer for us to find that True Love, and unfortunately, unless we go through some tough situations in life and meet different people, get our hearts broken, or break hearts, [...]


Unreturned love… Many of us have either experienced the feeling, or will in the future. Not to sound negative or anything, but sometimes it takes longer for us to find that True Love, and unfortunately, unless we go through some tough situations in life and meet different people, get our hearts broken, or break hearts, we don’t grow. That’s just the nature of human beings. It is only when we go through situations that test our strength, that the most growth happens. Think about it, if you don’t meet the wrong people along the way, you will not find out exactly what it is that you want to have in your significant other, and will not appreciate it if that person is already in your life.

Today’s post explains in simple terms, the Truth About Unreturned Love…

This conversation happens between Dylan and Nikki (who’s the other main character, and who is also Dylan’s Twin Flame). At this point in the book they still haven’t explored that side of the relationship, but are both drawn to each other like magnets. She being the more spiritually evovled one, knows that he’s her Twin Flame, but is letting things unfold as they are… 

This conversation happens between them (Page 213) while they watch a movie, where the actress is Dylan’s past love, that didn’t quite work out…So here’s a piece where Nikki explains to him the truth about Unreturned Love…

{  ”What have you discovered about love during your life?” Nikki inquired softly.
He twisted his head and looked at her, allowing the space of a few moments before he decided to answer. “I think I’m the king of unreturned love,” he confessed as he turned his face away from her again. Good Lord, is she a mind reader too? How did she know I was thinking about digging up old, emotional garbage? I think I’ve dealt with it, then something triggers feelings I thought had died a natural death. Guess I haven’t quite come to terms with these emotions I buried…cause here they are, rearing their ugly heads at the most inconvenient time

Temporarily suspending her work, Nikki stepped to the end of the bed and kneeled down in front of him. Cupping his chin in her hand, she gently pulled his face so his eyes would meet hers.

“It appears you’ve experienced your share of pain in this life, Dylan. Maybe you’ve built a wall around your heart to try to protect you from that kind of hurt again. But – one can have a lonely heart, even if he’s with people he loves. I think the whole human race feels that way, Little Crow. We all have issues of abandonment, worthlessness, and unrequited love, the origin of which stems from a loss so grand, it goes far beyond intimate or tribal relationships. There’s a relentless hunger in our souls that’s associated with our perceived separation from God and from a part of ourselves that some refer to as our ‘other half’.”

Despondently he responded, “I’m shockin’ thick-headed sometimes, Nikki. Maybe what you’re saying is so, but it’s a wee bit difficult for me to connect my perceived relationship with God to my terminated relationship with Anne-Marie.”

As if jolted with a cattle prod, Nikki felt certain now was a good time to entertain ideas of the higher laws of relating. Without skipping a beat, she began again. “We have four ‘lower’ bodies: the physical,” she touched his arm, “the emotinal, the mental, and the etheric, or memory, body. Each receives, stores, and transmits information. The etheric body, which interpenetrates the other three, contains information from every lifetime.

“The memory of our Oneness with God and our Divine Other Half is still held in our etheric body. However – we’ve experienced hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of lifetimes of forgetfulness of both. That lingering memory, both on an energetic and cellular level, causes an unexplained longing for something more – a divine discontent, so to speak, that can be relieved only by consciously remembering. The fact is, you couldn’t separate yourself from God or your other half, but, we have forgotten our relation to both.”

“You’re talking about soul mate memory?” he asked with polite interest, still hoaring what he had learned with Grace. Although the shaman had explained the difference between soul mates, karmic relationships, and twin flames, he wasn’t sure he bought the whole idea. He wondered just how much Nikki knew about the subject, and if she, like Grace, believed, or intuited they were twin flames. Grace’s words echoed subconsciously: “Don’t just blurt it out, ’cause if she doesn’t know, fear may drive her away.” He continued, “Anne-Marie told me we were soul mates. So much for love eternal, eh?”

Nikki hesitated, looking deep into the reflection of her own eyes staring back at her. “The term ‘soul mates’ has been loosely used to describe certain liasons in which one feels truly connected to another soul. I believe relationships exist with souls magnetically attracted to one another who have similar attributes or who are, perhaps, learning similar lessons…as a support of sorts, helping one another through this earthly education.

Nikki’s eyes assumed a distant thoughtfulness as though connecting to a sacred personal memory. “What I’m speaking about is the origin, the fabric, of one’s soul. When God created mankind from his own heart cells it was for the purpose of experiencing himself through relationship, having a vehicle that could reflect back all his attributes and beauty, while continuing to expand God’s perfection through their individual creations. God gave his children this same opportunity by splitting each cell into two halves. One has a positive charge and the other a negative charge which, in reflecting their perfection to one another, create their wholeness. Together, they are the perfect reflection of God. Separate, they can become aligned with the highest within themselves, remembering their at-one-ment with God…but only when they are joined together do they become the fullness of the reflection of God and his unlimited creative attributes.

“Repeatedly, throughout the legends, myths, and spiritual beliefs of makind, the story’s been told of this sacred duo and how, through consciously and deliberately turning their attention away from God, not only did they fall in consciousness, but also, the two were separeted by disparity. It’s Adam and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden. A world of history’s passed while these two parts have explored all manner of relationship, but they always long for one another, for only in this holiest of unions is God’s reflection complete.

“Anyways, didn’t mean to bore you with my belief system. I just thought I’d cast a new light on your experiences to help you gain some cosmic perspective. It might just be that your relationship with Anne-Marie existed for the sole purpose of jump-starting your search for true love. True love never hurts, Dylan. True love is seeing your perfection reflected through another’s eyes, knowing the other’s eyes are, in reality, yours. True love is given and must, by nature of cosmic law, be returned multiplied.”  }

Isn’t it just beautiful? I don’t know about you, but when I read this I feel the powerful truth of these words through the depth of my soul. It’s almost as though my entire body, all the way down to my cells start to vibrate, as if trying to tell me something…

What do you think, or rather feel when you read this? Can you relate to the story? Have you ever experienced unreturned love, and do you feel you have grown as a result of that experience? Have you found your True Love? Don’t be shy… share your thoughts! I love to read them…

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  1. Blue
    Posted August 29, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    I found many trulas and lost them at the same speed. I guess they were not trulas. After 1 year of marriage you find your trula and that is the person to whom you are married to.

  2. april
    Posted February 18, 2010 at 4:43 am

    I believe true love is seeing “(an essence of) your perfection reflected through another’s eyes”. No human being is perfect and for that reason, even true love cannot perpetually blind a person to another’s reality. Hurt and pain exist even in true love as both halves grapple with the rosy perception they have about their soul mate its juxtaposing reality. Twin flames have the luxury of living on the ethereal and worldly plains at the same time, which allows them to rise above anything holding back from experiencing their true potential as one entity and also adhere to the true nature of this universe.

  3. Theresa Jones
    Posted June 11, 2011 at 4:42 am

    Yes, I have found my true love. My soul-mate. I was about to give up! It seemed no matter how hard I tried, I never could quite connect with someone. Then I happened upon a wonderful book by author, Hayden Dane. By following Mr. Dane’s advice I found the way to recognize my soul-mate when I did finally meet him. The name of the book is “I Have One Question”. Once you read it, you too will have the answer.. the answer to finding YOUR soul-mate

  4. Nikki
    Posted October 28, 2011 at 11:18 am

    You said,”the nature of human beings” … I don’t know if you are into spiritual thinking via Buddhism … but your sentence made me think about this book I am reading, (I am half way through it) “Buddhas Brain.” It is about the nature of human thought and how to retrain negative pathways in our brains. It states, due to evolution and the need for the safety of the human race, negative thoughts and emotions are naturally more present then positive ones. The book focus on how to create/focus on love through/within negativity (I’m using the term negative loosely). It is from a neuroscience / neurosurgeon perspective. Very interesting! I purchased the book at Costco.

  5. Posted November 15, 2011 at 10:52 am

    always together

  6. Posted September 27, 2012 at 10:49 am

    how can i wait to the person i love if she’s dating with someone?
    then she told me that I’ll just for her
    how can i move-on?
    bro.606 need help

  7. Posted January 5, 2014 at 9:35 pm

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  8. Sean
    Posted January 28, 2014 at 2:28 am

    Where is this excerpt from? Unreturned love is the hardest.

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